Isaac Fakasiieiki
Power, strength, athletic training

Isaac Fakasiieiki

Hello My name is Isaac. Born and raised in Alaska. I was a Decathlete in track and field at Kansas State University, then moved to Texas in 2007. I became a personal trainer initially to transition from being a student, to trying to find a career I had a passion in. Shortly after I became a trainer, I realized this is what i’m passionate about. Helping people reach weight loss and strength goals were as satisfying to me as they were to my clients. But there was one problem, I constantly had clients that would leave and then come back a year or 2 later wanting to lose as much or more weight because they had gained it back. I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to just help them lose weight anymore. I wanted to help them lose it, teach them how to maintain it or continue to lose it on their own. Continuing education not only in nutrition, but all aspects of health are the things that have increased my passion to help. There are so many different ways to reach an individual’s goal. I want to help people understand why they are doing what they are doing. Some things work for one person but not for another, finding what works best for each person is what continues to drive my passion.

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