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Brandon Bingham

With a life-long obsession for understanding the principals of health and athletic performance, I started personal training in 2006. After almost two decades of being a strength and conditioning coach, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying many experiences in the health and athletic worlds. But, after growing up with a mother who had MS and accompanying my wife on her journey to overcome hashimotos thyroiditis, coupled with my own athletic pursuits, I’ve found my niche working on the extreme ends of the spectrum. On one end, for those with serious health related issues or injuries… I’m obsessed with having them return to a state of vibrant health with the athletic capabilities they desire to live fully and on the other end, I love helping athletes raise their performance to all new highs while improving their health and staying injury free.

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  • Hour Consultation $40
  • $100/hour
  • $60/half hour