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We are not your average gym.

We seek connection over profit, community over sales, and long term sustainable success over instant gratification. Instead of flat screens, fancy cardio equipment, and smoothie bars, we have barbells, dumbbells, and racks. Our goal is to provide a safe haven from the day-to-day bullshit, a place to find yourself, grow, and connect with others. We hope those that are interested will add their unique touch to our growing facility.

Leave a Memory
We are heavy supporters of exploring this beautiful world. It is our travels in life that broaden our horizons and expand our understanding and compassion for the world around us. That is why we like for our clients to leave photos of their travels on one of the columns of the gym. You may never realize how a simple photo can inspire someone to cast off any fears or doubts and to explore bravely in life.
Leave Your Mark
We encourage everyone that is a part of this facility to sign one of the supporting pillars of the building. This is a lasting reminder to us all that great things, great communities, aren't the result of any one individual's efforts. We are shaped by the amazing individuals that we work with, each one distinctively leaving their mark on us.
Leave Your Wisdom
There is beauty in simple words arranged in such a fashion that they inspire others to take action. That is why one of the main walls of the facility is for people to leave bits of wisdom which they hold true to their heart. Sometimes the smallest of phrases can completely change another persons outlook on life.