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Patience, they say it’s a virtue.

However, in an ever evolving world that seems to be set on hyper drive, this virtue has almost become extinct. In an age of instant gratification, where having all of your desires actualized at the click of a button is the norm and the gold standard for a fulfilled life is how many measurable accomplishments you have to your name, we seem to have left a part of us behind. It’s that part that allows us to see the bigger picture and not just the picture that pertains to us but the picture that connects all things.

This is especially true when it comes to the way we approach health and fitness. With laser-like focus we quickly dart from one solution to the next for our ailments, this training program for our six pack, this supplement for our well-being, this pharmaceutical for our worsening health condition, and the story goes on. We continuously do this while seemingly convinced “this is going to be the solution to all of my problems!”

…Unfortunately this is not one of those things you can just click a button for. That is why our goal is to impart a philosophy of a holistic patient approach to health and fitness. We don’t just want you to get in shape for an event, for a season, or a couple of years, we want you to get to your perfect version of yourself and stay there forever. Accomplishing this task takes time. It also takes a willingness to push yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and to embrace experience and growth as the new benchmark for a fulfilled life.
Education is our tool for this.

At NTX we pride ourselves on slowing our¬†clients down, pushing them to embrace the journey and not just look for the end result. We don’t want to be your next fitness fix, we want to be your last. That’s why we don’t just give you a rigid diet plan to follow, instead we discover your likes and dislikes, your schedule, and your aspirations to develop a diet with you based on science that is both satisfying and sustainable for a lifetime.

We also don’t just plug you into a preset training program, rather we work from the ground up to make sure our plans fit your unique health history and goals. These are¬†only the main aspects most people focus on in the pursuit of health, we push our clients for inner growth as well, whether that be traveling, meditation, charity, or exploring events and thoughts that would bring you happiness; No stone is left unturned. Growing from every angle is the key to health and vitality.

Patience. It allows us to see the bigger picture. It takes the pressure of accomplishing things at ever increasing speeds off of our shoulders. It allows us to regain something that we lost along the way. It is what we need now more than ever.